Mark: An Intro to Jesus

Sep 7, 2014    P. Steve Schaufele

Regardless of what you might say about the Christian religion, the history of the world has no one who equals Jesus. Genghis Kahn killed a fifth of the world’s population during his global conquests. Alexander conquered the known world. Romulus started the most enduring empire. But Jesus… this Jewish construction worker from Roman occupied Palestine is a force to be reckoned with who has no equal.
Homer sparked Greek thought and paved the way for Plato and Aristotle. Hammurabi was the first to give civil law in ancient Babylon. But no philosopher in history has ever match the sheer weight and impact of the ethics and teachings of this Rabbi surrounded by fishermen and social outcasts.
The question is begging to be asked. “Who is this man!?!”
The Book of Mark is where we’re going to go to encounter and the most incredible human to ever walk this earth.